Flight impact calculation

Provided in real time by Brighter Planet at 06:01PM UTC on Friday, August 14, 2020 for timeframe beginning 2009-01-01 and ending 2010-01-01.


Brighter Planet is performing this calculation based on the following characteristics of this flight as provided in the request:

Characteristic Input Interpretation
Date 2009-05-03 2009-05-03


This calculation uses version of Brighter Planet's flight carbon model. The flight greenhouse gas emission is the anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions attributed to a single passenger on this flight. It includes CO2 emissions from combustion of non-biogenic fuel and extra forcing effects of high-altitude fuel combustion.

Calculations are performed adaptively, so methodology will vary depending on flight characteristics. Impact values, listed below, are based on a number of input factors, which in turn are based on others, and so forth. In each case, the methodology used in the calculation is specified, and, wherever possible, the source code of the method is displayed.

  1. Carbon

    Conclusion: 1081.6 kg

    Method: from fuel use and greenhouse gas emission factor.

    if cohort = cohort and cohort.respond_to?(:cleanup) then
    (fuel_use * ghg_emission_factor)
  2. Ghg emission factor

    Conclusion: 5.15214

    Method: from fuel and aviation multiplier.

    (fuel.co2_emission_factor * aviation_multiplier)
  3. Aviation multiplier

    Conclusion: 2.0

    Method: default.

  4. Energy

    Conclusion: 7898.7 MJ

    Method: from fuel use and fuel.

    (fuel_use * fuel.energy_content)
  5. Fuel use

    Conclusion: 209.92283387151986

    Method: from fuel per segment, segments per trip, trips, freight share, passengers, seat class multiplier, fuel, date, and timeframe.

    date = if date.is_a?(Date) then
    if timeframe.include?(date) then
      ((((((fuel_per_segment * segments_per_trip) * trips) * (1 - freight_share)) / passengers) * seat_class_multiplier) / fuel.density)
  6. Fuel per segment

    Conclusion: 8351.048820476992

    Method: from adjusted distance per segment and fuel use coefficients.

    ((((fuel_use_coefficients.m3 * (adjusted_distance_per_segment ** 3)) + (fuel_use_coefficients.m2 * (adjusted_distance_per_segment ** 2))) + (fuel_use_coefficients.m1 * adjusted_distance_per_segment)) + fuel_use_coefficients.b)
  7. Seat class multiplier

    Conclusion: 1.0

    Method: default.

  8. Distance class

    Conclusion: short haul

    Method: from adjusted distance per segment.

  9. Adjusted distance per segment

    Conclusion: 963.7942596069819

    Method: from adjusted distance and segments per trip.

    (adjusted_distance / segments_per_trip)
  10. Adjusted distance

    Conclusion: 1619.1743561397295

    Method: from distance, route inefficiency factor, and dogleg factor.

    ((distance * route_inefficiency_factor) * dogleg_factor)
  11. Distance

    Conclusion: 1264.7425026588264

    Method: default.

  12. Route inefficiency factor

    Conclusion: 1.100000023841858

    Method: default.

  13. Dogleg factor

    Conclusion: 1.1638548181950328

    Method: from segments per trip.

    (1.25 ** (segments_per_trip - 1))
  14. Fuel use coefficients

    Conclusion: BrighterPlanet::Flight::ImpactModel::FuelUseEquation::Given

    Method: default.

    FuelUseEquation.from_coefficients(Aircraft.fallback.m3, Aircraft.fallback.m2, Aircraft.fallback.m1, Aircraft.fallback.b)
  15. Fuel

    Conclusion: Jet Fuel

    Method: default.

    Fuel.find_by_name("Jet Fuel")
  16. Passengers

    Conclusion: 130

    Method: from seats and load factor.

    (seats * load_factor).round
  17. Seats

    Conclusion: 167.54351777414516

    Method: default.

  18. Load factor

    Conclusion: 0.7774924108915644

    Method: default.

  19. Freight share

    Conclusion: 0.0667864752535085

    Method: default.

  20. Trips

    Conclusion: 1.7

    Method: default.

  21. Segments per trip

    Conclusion: 1.68

    Method: default.


Estimate provided by Brighter Planet CM1. Calculations are performed using data from a variety of public sources. To cite this estimate, credit Brighter Planet, "Flight impact calculation." <http://impact.brighterplanet.com/flights?date=2009-05-03&timeframe=2009-01-01%2F2010-01-01>, retrieved 2020-08-14T18:01:06Z.