Fuel Purchase impact calculation

Provided in real time by Brighter Planet at 01:43AM UTC on Monday, November 30, 2020 for timeframe beginning 2020-01-01 and ending 2021-01-01.


Brighter Planet is performing this calculation based on the following characteristics of this fuel_purchase as provided in the request:

Characteristic Input Interpretation
Fuel type crude Crude Oil
Volume 804400000 804400000.0


This calculation uses version of Brighter Planet's fuel_purchase carbon model.

Calculations are performed adaptively, so methodology will vary depending on fuel_purchase characteristics. Impact values, listed below, are based on a number of input factors, which in turn are based on others, and so forth. In each case, the methodology used in the calculation is specified, and, wherever possible, the source code of the method is displayed.

  1. Carbon

    Conclusion: 2185554800.0 kg

    Method: from volume and emission factor.

    (volume * emission_factor)
  2. Emission factor

    Conclusion: 2.717

    Method: from fuel type.

  3. Price

    Conclusion: 0.4546299874782562

    Method: from fuel type.


Estimate provided by Brighter Planet CM1. Calculations are performed using data from a variety of public sources. To cite this estimate, credit Brighter Planet, "Fuel Purchase impact calculation." <http://impact.brighterplanet.com/fuel_purchases?fuel_type=crude&timeframe=2020-01-01%2F2021-01-01&volume=804400000>, retrieved 2020-11-30T01:43:06Z.